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Oktoberfest Munchen

It all started,  many years ago, as a drunken discussion by some good friends.  Travelers all,  they had accumulated hundreds of thousands of Frequent Flier miles on various airlines.  They worked for a large,  multinational company,  and had finally achieved all that could be expected in their careers.  They were bored.  They needed some excitement.  They needed to travel.

The discussion eventually ended going like this:

Hey!.... we have all these miles,  let's travel!

Yea,  like my wife would ever let ME go anywhere.

But where would we go?  When?

We need to do some "World Class Events!"


How about the running of the bulls in July,  Festival of San Fermin in Pamplona?

We can't go in the Summer,   we'll have to take the kids.


How about Christmas in Bethlehem?

{No spoken words at this point,  just the sound of Shannon getting a wedgie by Vozel}


How about Carnivale in Rio? 

We can't go in the Spring,  we are going to Florida on Spring Break.


How about the Olympics?

Nope,  only once every 4 years,  and too expensive anyway.


Hmmmm.  What do we love to do? [Picture Winnie the Pooh thinking.......think think think]


Hey guys,  how about a festival built around that frosty cold adult beverage we've heard so much about?

Do you mean....... BEER?

Yea,  it's actually a wedding reception that has gone on almost 200 years.  It's in Germany. many Delta miles to go to Germany?


About 30,000....I have enough for 10 people!


OK,  let's try it.......


And so it began,  a biennial trip to the land that time forgot.  Where beer runs in the streets,  pork knuckles and chickens swim in every pot.  Sausages a mile long... man it was going to be a great trip.


Our trusty band set out to Munich, Germany in 1993.  Little did they know then that this would be a spiritual awakening,  and a lifelong recurring religious experience. 

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