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The 2021 Bier Immersion Trip is now in planning.  Our intrepid voyagers have declared a massive trip,  from Berlin to Munich.  This will entail a cast of thousands of supporting frauleins and biermeisters.    A two week adventure, to sample the many tastes of Germany.  Stay tuned for details!!

Every two years,  my friends and I visit Bavaria,  Munich to be exact, to experience the largest beer festival in the world,  Oktoberfest.  We have been at this since 1993,  and it gets better every time!  Upon arrival, we will follow the standard plan to meet up at the Hofbrauhaus, and then head out to the Oktoberfest grounds.  We then spend the next 5-7 days drinking, singing, eating, and riding around in trains.  

This website is meant to capture our trips, and provide context for how we got to this sorry state.

Our group ranges between 5 and 17 Oktoberfesters.  We arrive from all around the world,  longtime friends, and new friends.  It doesn't matter in Munich, as there is always room at the table.  Unless it is Stammtisch, of course.  

See links below to learn more.

Oktoberfest Visits Blog

Folks, this is where the action is.  Have a Question? Want to join a trip?  Stop by our blog.

Rosters 1993 -2021

Many have travelled, few have returned...the same.  

Trip History

Read about how this whole adventure began

Day Trips

Munich, and Bavaria, have many sites to visit during the day, while tending your hangover.

A writ from god....

An email conversation with the one who walks among us, yet spaketh the divine knowledge.

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